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Restoration Portuguese Independence 2019

Sunday, December 1, 2019

December 1 is Restoration of Independence in Portugal.

The day celebrates the end of the Philippine Dynasty (House of Habsburg), that ruled the country from 1580 till 1640.

Portugal was ruled by Spanish kings between 1581 and 1640 after the death of young King Sebastian I of Portugal.

He had no heirs, that is why the control of country was gained by Phillip II of Spain, who claimed the throne referring to the family ties.

The territory of Portugal was seized by Spain and since 1581 it was considered as province headed by the viceroy.

Portugal gained its independence only after numerous revolts against the Spanish on December 1, 1640.

The period after restoration of independence was marked by periodic skirmishes and episodic serious warfare between Spain and Portugal.

It lasted till 1668, when Spain planned to isolate Portugese military and diplomacy.

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